Welcome to your Financial Literacy Test

This test will help you asses and understand your level of Financial Literacy.

Before I begin investing, what systems should I have in place?
If a bank offers 8% interest compounded quarterly on its 10-year deposit, how much will Rs 1 lakh grow to in 10 years?
What percentage of the household income should ideally be invested each month?
Which of the following financial products can help you lower your personal risk?
You are not overspending if
NEFT stands for
How can automating my finances save me time, protect my credit, and earn me extra money?
Which of the following steps should you take now to be prepared to invest and get your money growing for you?
Many celebrities, professional athletes, and entrepreneurs—people who can afford to live their desired lifestyles—have goals for their personal and
professional achievements. Why do these successful people set goals?
What all is true for education loan?
According to you, how many months' expenses do financial planners recommend that you set aside in an emergency fund?
Mr and Mrs. Daniels child has just started schooling and they wish to save money for his higher education, 15 years from now, from a very reputed college, which is the best way you would suggest them to invest?
Should you pay down your largest debts first?
What is the annual interest rate charged by credit cards?
Networth of an individual equals to
If I invest 1000 per month starting at age 21, and that money earns a 7% annual return, how much will I have after 70 years?
The most liquid asset is
Imagine that the interest rate on your savings account was 1% per year and inflation was 2% per year. After one year, would your ability to buy something with the money in this account be?
Which of the below mentioned items are not taxed?