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The percentage of people financially literate in India.

           *Source: S&P Global FinLit Survey

Having more money may not always solve your problem but having more Knowledge about money is surely an eye-opener.


Everybody wants to earn more money and become rich but do not want to invest in the greatest wealth i.e. education. We have taken an initiative to promote Financial Literacy for people to understand modern and complex financial instruments.


The middle-class face the maximum risk and work the hardest for their paycheck in order to pay bills. Lack of Financial education from a young age is what puts them in this non-negotiable position


Students graduate from college in large numbers and have no financial foundation. Kids should be taught from a very young age to make them better money managers as they are the future of our economy. 

Why is it important today!

Part of financial literacy is knowing the right places to go for answers…….

Clash of Cash
Salary IN..Week 1..Week 2..Week 3..Salary OUT! If this is your story every month, then it is time for you to pull up your socks and gear up for some crucial financial literacy lessons. Let’s board the FinExpress from BrokeLand to WealthChester where cash crunches exist only in folklores.
Finance 101
Only if we could plant a tree of money in our backyard! Life would be so easy. But then, good things come to those who hustle. Learning is a never-ending process. The more we learn, the better we evolve. Financial literacy can push you towards the financial stability and freedom that you aim to achieve. Go, get em!
The Debt Story
If the only dates that you got are debt repayment dates, then buddy you better show up for them well-prepared. Learning about finance not only helps you earn more but also makes you aware about how to raise money responsibly. Just praying that your debt vanishes magically will not help, but managing it well certainly will.
Chasing the Credit Monster!
There is no point cursing all the shopping and partying sprees after receiving the long credit card dues. Adding to the misery is all the unexplained charges along with it. At an age when one should be planning the next vacation, you are making a vow not to indulge in compulsive shopping anymore, and then failing at it as well.
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Ain't no learning like practical learning! No more mundane lectures to sit through. Get ready for some super interesting workshops with freshly baked lessons on Financial Literacy.


Is scrolling memes all day your hobby? Let's make learning fun! Introducing articles filled with memes and real life experiences because your money is personal, and so should be your learning.

Financial Literacy Test

Test how financial literacy tastes like! Attempt specially curated financial literacy tests to know how fineducated you are. A beginner? No worries. We have both beginner and intermediate level tests